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All stories copyright 2011-12 by Thomas J. Humphrey
You, happy lady, what if your boyfriend dumped you in the most humiliating way possible.  How would you get even?  Read "Dumped!" to find out how Debbie handled it.

And you, sir, you are visiting the Big City.  Gosh durn it, just look at all those tall buildings, all that traffic.  Thar's hardly enough room to spit.  But a couple of nice city fellas invite you to join them in a friendly poker game.  Who's going to win?  Read "Don't Mess With Texans" to watch Roy cope.

The ancient Greeks built a wonderful civilization, far more advanced than those around it.  But wait a minute, what if an interstellar spacecraft crash landed in Greece and the survivors had something to do with it? 
Maybe "The Exospatial Theory of Hellenic Origin" could explain the situation.

A couple of cantankerous cowpokes start arguing about which one Miss Molly prefers.  They aren't going to slap leather are they?  Try "Saloon Shenanigans" to find out.

Well, there are a few more stories in here, but I'm going to go fix some coffee.

Happy reading.

Thank you.  Tom